my body, your tongue

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Here at FuckYeahSpaff, we appreciate men, and we appreciate them a lot. More often than not, HQ or hi-res images are posted since we're elitist about wanting fap-sized images. Spaff away.

WARNING: this a v a r i e t y blog, meaning my taste is vast, diverse, and fickle.

The ask box is always open for requests and comments and the like.

See the "Index of Men" to the left for easy navigation purposes. "Other Tags" will lead you to links of images from various television shows, films, and miniseries.

In the "guides" link, you'll find three things: a character guide for Band of Brothers, a character guide for Generation Kill, and my labor of love - a huge guide for understanding Band of Brothers.

Free time and change of underwear recommended.

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